This post is as much for me as it is for you.

As the craziness surrounds us, here’s what I’m doing to stay centered. Maybe something resonates for you.

  1. Staying off social media – this is easier for me than most. I’m not a big fan.
  2. Spending time in nature – I find trees, water, fresh air and beautiful scenery soothing.
  3. Warming the home space – flowers, candles, cushions, throws, lightens the mood and makes it cozy on the eye.
  4. Eating well – not being too strict, but mindful of nurturing the body and brain.
  5. Cleansing – surfaces, chairs, handles, light switches, desk tops, keyboards, bathrooms, hands. Always hands.
  6. Creating – an opportunity to open the heart space. This includes writing, cooking.
  7. Resting – trying to get as much as possible (and not feel guilty about it). Meditation too.
  8. Enjoying the family – I’ve wanted to spend more time with them. Now’s my chance.

It’s our opportunity to be centered and calm for our children, our clients, our colleagues and our communities.

Let’s stay positive.

Loads of love x