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The Don’t-Want-To Flu

You never heard from me last week because I had a bad case of the Don’t-Want-Tos. What I didn’t want to do was create, add my voice, be generous, walk [...]

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Why You Need A Moral Compass

Suits is my all time favourite television show. It’s complex, sophisticated and funny. The characters draw you in to the high stakes world of corporate litigation, making them highly believable, [...]

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Stay Humble. Do The Work.

She’s pulled higher and higher into the air, the only thing supporting her, a firm grip on the rope. We look up, mesmerized, enthralled. Then she starts to swing. Back. [...]

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The Only Barrier Is In Your Mind

Did you know that the barrier to moving ahead in your career exists only in your mind? Me neither. According to the experts, all you need to do to establish [...]

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Know You’re Enough

I watch women pushing their limits, afraid if they slow down everything will fall apart. I watch women struggling to cope with mothers and mothering, feeling guilt-ridden because they don’t [...]

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