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Why Simple Sells

My last blog post, a simple list post, did way better than most of my other content block posts. This is partly because it was unfussy and easy to read. [...]

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Do You Speak In Sound Bites?

“We don’t want great oratory anymore, we want sound bites,” says sound consultant Julian Treasure his TED talk 5 Ways To Listen Better. “We’re so bombarded with information, we can’t [...]

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How To Say Thank You

If the thought of composing an official year-end thank you email to your loyal clients makes you groan inwardly, I've got you covered. You’ve already spent your energy racing to [...]

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What Your Boss Really Wants From You

“YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT!!” My boss raged at a colleague who ordered 500,000 of the wrong size tubes from China. He ranted with high-pitched voice and bulging eyes, while the [...]

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