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Impatience and your personal leadership brand

It’s helpful for leaders to be impatient. Impatient leaders take more initiative. They get the job done faster. They’re passionate and innovative problem-solvers. They make quick decisions. They’re productive, and [...]

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Keeping your personal brand relevant

When Tom Peters introduced the idea of personal branding, he said that regardless of your age and position, unless you understand the importance of personal branding you’re going to be [...]

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Three key questions for new clients

When interviewing a prospective client, or working with a new one, there are three key questions which make or break the outcome of your work together. Getting into your client’s [...]

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Avoid these meeting pitfalls

Want to make a quick, positive impact? Go to a meeting. It’s an easy platform to give value and one of the most effective ways to boost your personal brand. [...]

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Why your weaknesses are hard to spot

As part of my Brandheart personal branding process, I take each client through a 360 reputation survey. The client supplies me with names of people who know him or her [...]

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