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Scared Silly

I have two big fears in life. Fear 1: Not getting to the buffet table in time Yes it’s a privileged fear. It’s also irrational, because there’s usually plenty of [...]

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No Excuses

No Excuses. That’s the line on my running partner’s What’s App profile. Which makes thinking of a reason to pull out of a 5am morning run impossible. Or at best, [...]

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For All Intensive Purposes

Growing up in peri-urban suburbia, the neighbour behind us was a man called Vasco. My father, trying to tame the patch of veld we called a garden, was often outside, [...]

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Do You Self-Care?

The first time I considered self-care as an option was in a workshop about hormones. Hot flushes, uncontrollable peevishness and a refusal to pop a pill to fix it, saw [...]

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What To Do When Life Derails You

1.     Take responsibility 2.     Dig deeper 3.     Pick just one thing (to do) today 4.     Get into nature 5.     Seek the truth 6.     Tell the truth 7.     Phone a friend [...]

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11 Awesome Ways You Can Inspire Others

Raise your hand if you’ve ever wanted to be inspiring. Even just a little bit. Sometimes we’re fooled into thinking only ‘great’ people can inspire, whatever great means to you. [...]

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The Art Of Working In Coffee Shops

I didn’t see it coming. I’d been sitting there for about ten minutes. Using the free wifi. Sipping a tall Americano with hot milk. Happy. And then a voice says [...]

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New Year New You, Or Same Shame?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt intimidated by this, the season of the spiritual loofah. You know - time to clean the slate, jump-start the new year, turn over [...]

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