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Keeping your personal brand relevant

When Tom Peters introduced the idea of personal branding, he said that regardless of your age and position, unless you understand the importance of personal branding you’re going to be [...]

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Vertical or Horizontal

Today, will you self-assuredly introduce yourself to the most powerful person in the room, or will you avoid eye contact, feeling self-conscious and less than? Will you cold call the [...]

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The Bad Side of Good

My brother was the rebel. From failing school, to smoking dope in his bedroom ("They're Camel mom, that's why they smell funny") to having a secret weekend flat in Hillbrow [...]

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Here’s to cheering you on!

Think of this as your permission slip. If you’ve been waffling, faffing or generally procrastinating, now’s the time to hop off the fence. If your truth has been on pause [...]

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Don’t be kak. Be lekker.

So last night - as I was sad-movie-sobbing into my smoked strawberry salad, watching as the tears plopped into the arugula and wondering (as if in the mind of a [...]

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Don’t hate on my haiku

Is your life is boring, friend? Every day the same as the next? Same routine? Same packed lunch? Same profile picture? Same series on Netflix? When I was in Uruguay [...]

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