Think of this as your permission slip.

If you’ve been waffling, faffing or generally procrastinating, now’s the time to hop off the fence.

If your truth has been on pause for too long, know that you’re now allowed to chase your dreams. As 2018 draws to a close, take some time to quietly reflect on what areas of your life you need to release. Whatever pops into your head is where you should start. If it feels daunting, it’s right.

Then with the new year in mind, imagine what you can start, and what you can continue doing, to take you closer to the you your heart has always wanted you to become.

Here’s the thing. Not everyone’s going to like it. They might not befriend you for it, pay you for it, or cheer you on.

But you will be you. And you will be free.

I’m right beside you.


PS. That green belt? Got it.