So last night – as I was sad-movie-sobbing into my smoked strawberry salad, watching as the tears plopped into the arugula and wondering (as if in the mind of a different person) if they were salty enough to alter the taste of something I couldn’t taste anyway, and if this salad was really worth the R185 it set my husband back – the waitress arrived.


Now I was going to have to pretend like there’s nothing wrong.

She: “Is there something wrong with the food?”

Me: “No, the food’s fine. I’m kak.”

She: “Don’t be kak. Be lekker.”

Like it’s a decision.

I looked at her a little sarcastically. Maybe a little extra sarcastically, for show.

Then I remembered a karate session a few weeks ago, when I was anguishing to the Sensei that I couldn’t do a particular shuffle-punch-kick move. He said, “Just decide to Robs. Just decide.”

*blank look emoji*

Only much later (like, um, this morning) it struck to me that the first step for anything is not physical. It’s mental. Every journey starts with a decision.  It cuts off the other possibilities, leaving the way clear to move forward.

Towards lekker.

And then we can build habits to support lekker: some actual smoked strawberry salad eating, more sleeping, exercising, living, learning and loving. Less sad movies.

Seems so simple, hey?