Did you know you can build personal presence just by tuning into your body?

  1. Use posture to focus your thoughts. Put your feel flat on the ground, lengthen your spine and notice how your thoughts become more clearly focused. USE WHEN meeting someone or engaging with a person of higher level.
  2. Use eye contact to help you feel more powerful. Lock eyes with the other person and simply gaze into them. Don’t stare hard or squint or put on any aggressive expressions, just keep an even, steady gaze. USE WHEN you’re feeling a little intimidated or need to appear more assertive.
  3. Use breath when you need to be productive. When you find yourself procrastinating, take three deep breaths – in through the nose and out through the mouth. USE WHEN you need to find your mojo again.
  4. Use centering to develop inner strength. This will give you the ability to think, act and speak clearly while withstanding enormous pressure. Imagine the breath reaching a specific point just below the navel, filling with warm yellow light. USE WHEN you have important meetings or conversations, or in any situation that might not go well.
  5. Use voice to convey confidence and authority. To give your voice instant authority and authenticity imagine your words originating from your power center (described above). USE WHEN in presentations, meetings and negotiations.

Tuning into your body changes the way you think, feel and make an impact.

Go on, Try it.