On your life’s journey

You discover things that are

Obvious yet profound.


Take for example:

“How you live every day is

How you live your life.”


It brings mindfulness

To opportunities lost.

Or kilograms gained.


Even better,



Traded for safety, brings grief



But on the flipside,

Understanding who you are,

Feels gifted. Divine.


“It’s fine in the end.

If not fine, it’s not the end”

A favourite of mine.


But the latest gem

Came late one night, as they do.

Simple in its truth:


“Nil more potent than

An idea whose time has come.”*

Took my breath away.


Every single one

Who drifts into your life, is a

Vibrational match.


People loved, and then lost,

Are ideas whose time has come.

Jobs, holidays, too.


Look for evidence

Of ideas whose time has come.

Acknowledge, give thanks.


Then wait for the next

Brilliant idea that will not,

And cannot, be stopped.




*Victor Hugo