By now you know that personal branding is not about changing who you are, but doing more of what you’re already doing right. It’s about discovering your unique talents and using them to get ahead in your work and life.

Sounds good. The problem with this is that in leadership circles, it’s incomplete.

It’s long been said that the best way to become an effective leader is to know yourself. Authentic leaders are aware of their strengths, their limitations and their emotions. They have inward focus.

Personal leadership branding takes this a little further. It asks the question “how does who I am bring value to others?” Outward focus. It’s about being of service. It’s about being effective because your strengths work towards making someone else’s life better. That someone could be an organisation, a team, an investor, a brand, your spouse, or your child.

To build your personal leadership brand you have to go beyond your strengths. You have to become deliberate in identifying whom it is you’re serving and what they need, that you comfortably want to deliver.

Take Sibi. As a visionary marketing director, Sibi volunteered to join the change management team during a time of corporate merger and acquisition. This wasn’t only so that she could add value through her strategic insights, but because she had the characteristics of being astute and discreet; crucial traits in a time of transition. Sibi’s personal strengths not only benefited her organisation, but also reinforced her personal leadership brand.

Now you,

  1. What are your strengths?
  2. Who are you serving?
  3. What do they need from you?
  4. Through what specific projects can you deliver on these needs, using your strengths?

Tell me. I respond to every one.