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Damage Control: What To Do If You’ve Blown An Interview

In my last blog post, What Your Boss Really Wants From You, I suggested ways you could impress your boss. I wrote the post as [...]

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  • What your boss really wants from you

What Your Boss Really Wants From You

“YOU’RE SUCH AN IDIOT!!” My boss raged at a colleague who ordered 500,000 of the wrong size tubes from China. He ranted with high-pitched voice [...]

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Saying ‘Um’ And Other Speaker Slip-Ups

“So, it was like, um, a bit of, uh… you know? And, well, it just got, too…, um, … ja.” At which point I noticed [...]

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  • Cooked With Clara

Being Cooked With Clara

“Clara Sophie Charlotte Bubenzer is my full name. Want one?” That’s what she asked in the car park while packing up from our last shoot. [...]

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What is a personal brand?

Simply put, it’s what people say about you when you’re not in the room. It’s your reputation and integrity.

How does a personal brand work?

The same way your reputation does. We all have one, and we can choose to let it have a life of its own or we can become more conscious about it. Conscious personal branding is the art of understanding what makes you you, what benefits you offer to the world and in return, how this can increase your personal and business success.

Who needs personal branding?

We all do. Whether you’re in a corporate job and want to stand out from your colleagues, a school-leaver looking for first time employment, or a professional or entrepreneur working to build your reputation and your business. I work with this last group of people.

How do I go about creating my personal brand?

To quote Simon Sinek, start with why. Ask yourself why you do what you do. Understand what lights you up and what you have a natural talent for. Once you know who you really are, work out what benefits you bring to your business and the people around you, how this is different from everybody else and the best ways to tell the people who count.

How will personal branding benefit my business?

People buy from people. This means that you are the most powerful exposure and revenue-building tool your company has. Your clients want an emotional connection to the brands they’re invested in and so by building your personal reputation and visibility, you’re building the credibility and awareness of your business.

How can I work with you?

When my workshops open up or I’m giving an open talk, I let my subscribers know first.
If you want to work one-on-one, then please read the next question on my personal branding process, and get in touch.

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