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Personal & professional branding coach, writer and speaker, dedicated to helping you become all that you can be, with all that you are.

Why Personal Branding?

Because you * get to know yourself better * do more of what you’re good at * become more confident * attract better business opportunities * increase your job-satisfaction * become a thought leader and better business leader *

How you can work with me

For entrepreneurs and executives. Get the visibility and recognition you deserve.

For groups and corporates. How to build your personal and professional brand in the workplace.

A seriously good way to kickstart your personal brand plan. For free.

How to be more comfortable in your skin. Without changing anything.

Latest Posts

When Having A Strong Personal Brand Isn’t Enough

Working with executives and other organisational leaders has brought me to a disquieting discovery. Having a solid personal brand isn’t enough. Take V. At 38, [...]

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Why Personal Branding Is Like Big Magic

You never know what giving a gift can inspire you to do. You might want to choose the perfect wrapping, spend some money on yourself, [...]

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13 Things I Do When My Husband Is Away. And How It Increases My Creativity.

Ok, that last bit’s a stretch but the web is full of promises that push it. Earlier this week my husband was up the coast [...]

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How To Say Thank You

If the thought of composing an official year-end thank you email to your loyal clients makes you groan inwardly, I've got you covered. You’ve already [...]

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